July 5th.  That’s today.  It also happens to be my 24th birthday, so go me, I suppose.

Yesterday was the American day of Independence.  Some people have been wondering why I don’t celebrate as much as I used to.  Honestly, that’s a pretty simple answer: why would I go super hard in celebrating a nation, my nation, when I still feel like a second-class citizen?  Why should I celebrate the fact that I still can be evicted from housing or fired from a job based purely on my trans status?  Why should I celebrate a nation where I still have to worry for my safety when I am out and about?

Some of you may have heard something along the lines of “well, at least we treat you better than ‘X'” and honestly that is bullshit.  I shouldn’t have to compromise my standards of living just because we are not somewhere else.  I am sorry that all I want is the same basic human rights as everyone else, but apparently that is too damn complex for some folks.

People ask what I want for my birthday every year.  The last few years I have just whispered “revolution” and gone about my day.  I don’t mean some violent revolution.  No, how about something more peaceful?  It doesn’t have to be quiet.  Actually, I would prefer that it isn’t.  And what exactly do I want out of this?  Great question!  I want people to be treated like freaking human beings.

This is not a goal to be taken lightly.  This isn’t the first time I’ve called for it.  How many times have I talked about people running for office?  How many times have I told people to be the change they want in the world?  That is how we need to get things done.  As for me?  I now have 6 more years until I can run for congress.  That is 6 years to shape myself into the change I want to be.  6 years to plan my campaign.

6 years til I try to change the world.


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