Here we are, in the middle of the week.  I’ve decided that I can’t come up with a new name for every post, so I think I will start numbering them.  But now for the content: Challenges!

Honestly, I am not sure how to talk about this.  People from my past keep appearing.  People that I wish I could keep out of my life once and for all.  But nothing is as easy as that, is it?  Many of us try to shut out the negative parts of the past.  I know that I do!  But, as always, the ghost of Christmas past must make an appearance.

The last few days I have been filled with an inner turmoil of panic and anxiety, wondering how I will deal with this return of the past.  I couldn’t keep running this time.  It was time to stop, find out what exactly was going on, and confront the issue head on.  For some of you, this might not be too difficult.  I, on the other hand, do my best to avoid direct confrontations.  This time, however, I charged in.

As scary as this was, I feel so liberated now.  I feel like I don’t have to be afraid of this particular facet anymore.  In all honesty, I think I also choose not to be afraid anymore.  We cannot spend our entire lives in fear.  We need to make those positive changes for ourselves.  No more waiting around and hoping the issue goes away!

Eventually we all come across some sort of trial or tribulation.  We all face the same choice: Do I run, do I give in, or do I stand my ground?  For many of us, our instinct is to run far away.  Sometimes it may be just to give in to the challenge, admit defeat.  but some face everything head on.  On occasion, this will be the best option.  Whenever it’s there, take it.  Let people know you cannot be stepped all over like a welcome mat!

Vague post aside, my point is this: You owe your abuser nothing.  You do not need to give in to their wishes when they come from the past to haunt you.  Stand your ground.  Be strong.  Be you.


And remember: You are valid and I love you.


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